Walz a "laggard" in MN Conservation

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Walz a "laggard" in MN Conservation

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Re: Walz a "laggard" in MN Conservation

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Tim Walz is far from being a conservationist. He was a huge supporter of the proposed MinnErgy Ethanol plant that was ALMOST built in Eyota. When the Olmsted Concerned Citizens Group ( i was one of the leaders in the group) were fighting against the ethanol plant we saw Tim Walz's on a regular bases hanging around MinnErgy's headquarters located in Eyota. It seemed like he was there almost on a a weekly bases. I think he is still a big time ethanol supporter even today. Perhaps one of the worst things ever conceived for minimizing conversation efforts was politicians supporting and forcing ethanol production down the throats of the public. This ethanol BS is still going on today with politicians approving 15% ethanol be add to gasoline. Ethanol is a BAD product and its production is even worse for fish and wildlife habitat and our environment! :x

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