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Bluestem always has some interesting articles. Congressman Drazkowski made some unscientifically backed comments about clean water issues in the past year or two. You can go back in the archives and read their logic.

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There are some valid points made about wild animals but it was also at a time when the landscape was covered in prairie grasses. I would be willing to bet that at that time when there was snow melt or heavy rains the streams and rivers ran nearly clear.
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I find it a "far out" reach to compared environmental problems caused by wild animals in past (early 1800's) when this country was still in a somewhat natural state with a human population maybe 50 -60 million compared to the environmental problems we face today. It is beyond my understanding anyone would ever compare environmental effects of wild animals (buffalo,deer, elk, bear) roaming around pooping and grazing on prairie grasses, to the serious environmental issues we face today caused by man attempting to provide goods and services for 500 million people. Talk about a beach ball to golf ball comparison!

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Wow, what a reach in logic.

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