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3/18 Fishing Report

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 6:16 pm
by jrs
Got out with jay92 again today. We made some "social distancing" adjustments to our usual routine, but still had a great day on the stream.

We stayed north of I-90. Stream was clearing a bit since Monday and about 43F. We saw a smattering of Baetis and rises, mostly in early afternoon, but not significant enough to consider dry fly fishing.

However, nymph fishing was outstanding especially through the mid-day. We stopped at a longish run which had plenty of room for two anglers and which had been productive in the past and caught a small bunch of fish. At our next stop, we caught a larger bunch of fish and agreed that we had lost track of fish totals. We continued to catch fish steadily into early afternoon. Mostly browns with a few rainbows mixed in. Almost all 12"-16" with just a few smaller and I think 3 fish at 17". Fish seemed to be in great shape and quite thick for this early in the year. In the mid to later afternoon, things slowed down a bit. Not sure if that was our change in location, fish shutting down or us getting tired (and not fishing as well).

I got most of my fish on an orange scud, a few on a baetis nymph trailer, and a few on a crane fly larva. I think Jay got of his on smallish (#16) olive beadhead. This 17" brown took an orange scud on the inside seam of a deep corner run.


Re: 3/18 Fishing Report

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 8:32 pm
by brntrout
Nice report. I would think fishing should stay pretty good unless stream temps plummet!

Re: 3/18 Fishing Report

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 10:11 am
by dpnoll
I also went out north of I 90 Wed and fished a new stream(for me) with a friend. The water was slightly stained but not sure if that is the normal color or not. We fished from 10:30 until a little after 12:30. The fishing was very good. We didn't really keep a count but probably landed over 25. Most were 12" + and in very good shape. I can't post any pictures because I think it would give too big a clue on where we were at. Social distancing is not very hard to do on a trout stream. Got everything on a beadhead nymph. Most at the end of the drift on a lift although 3 took the nymph as soon as it hit the water. We saw quite a few rising fish but my friend had no luck with them.