Dry / dropper rigging

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Dry / dropper rigging

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Wondering what folks thoughts are regarding dry / dropper rigging? In particular, I'm thinking about larger dries such as hoppers with small bead head droppers. Do you:
a) tie the dropper tippet to the bend of the dry,
b) tie the dropper tippet eye of the dry,
c) tie the dropper tippet to a dropper loop tied into the dry fly,
d) tie the dry on a short tag with the dropper on the point

I've heard, and I believe noticed, a decrease in hooking on the dry fly when a weighted nymph is tied to the bend of the dry. This seems to be particularly problematic with heavier nymphs and longer dropper tippets where the nymph gets more vertical and the dropper tippet might interfere with dry hook penetration. I see a rise to the dry, but miss and up snagging the fish with the dropper.

How are you all rigging dry and dropper and what have you noticed in terms of hooking and tangles?

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Re: Dry / dropper rigging

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I use option a, and to be honest have not noticed any difference in hooking of fish on the dry. I'm a minimalist by nature, so whatever is fast and convenient, I'm all in. Tying the dropper to the shank seems to be easiest, IMO.

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Re: Dry / dropper rigging

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I run into the same thing with larger dries. I switched over to method b for a while but didn’t notice it helping all that much. It took longer to tie on bugs so I’ve switched back to a. With foam dries (which are my dries a majority of the year) I think they’re bumping the bug and not eating it and that’s when they get hooked in the belly or arse with the dropper.
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