Tricos:. Anyone seeing many yet?

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Tricos:. Anyone seeing many yet?

Post by trouts »

Just curious if anyone is seeing many tricos yet? They have been sporatic up here so far, but haven't been to SE MN in almost a month. Hoping to head that way later this week.

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Re: Tricos:. Anyone seeing many yet?

Post by High Stick »

I have seen them the last three days I was out (Friday-Sunday). It was plenty cool in the Driftless for August, but there were some definitely hatching and a few fish on top picking off spinnners. I did not fish a trico pattern as there were not trout really keying on them on the surface.

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Re: Tricos:. Anyone seeing many yet?

Post by S.T.Fanatic »

I don't think I would know what one is if I saw it. However, the stream that I fished Saturday morning had a bunch of tiny whitish bugs flying around all morning. And like mentioned by High Stick, the fish weren't keying in on them.
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Re: Tricos:. Anyone seeing many yet?

Post by jrs »

I was out this am south of I-90 and there was a pretty decent trico spinner fall from 9-10 am. The spinners and rising fish weren't as thick as I've seen them in the past, but the fish were looking up and taking trico spinners. There were enough fish rising in one riffle / run that I cut off my hopper / dropper, added some 6X and proceeded to hook quite a few fish with a #20 trico spinner.

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