Naming stream names?

General trout, fishing, conservation, or anything outdoors related discussion. Trip reports and stream conditions welcome, but please do not name streams.
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Naming stream names?

Post by jrs »

Just wondering where the management is at on this topic? The board still states: "Trip reports and stream conditions welcome, but please do not name streams." However, it seems like we've been a little more relaxed, flexible recently. I'm not complaining or advocating for any approach --
just want to clarify so I don't cause problems.

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Re: Naming stream names?

Post by mcktrout »

A report of good fishing on a NAMED stream will likely result in crowds of people showing up the next day. The result is a poor fishing experience for everyone. Therefore, the good report on a NAMED stream is self-defeating.

A NAMED report of a muddy stream will have some effect on crowd behavior, but not as much as a good report. For example, a report of only one clear stream may have a crowd show there the next day. Multiple clear streams reports will naturally thin out those crowds.

Conservation reports about NAMED are helpful to those of us who want to protect our streams for ourselves and future generations.

IMO, stream names in conservation reports are always welcome. Other uses of stream names should be used with discretion to avoid the dreaded shoulder to shoulder fishing experience.

Just my opinion, curious to hear what others think ...

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Re: Naming stream names?

Post by S.T.Fanatic »

Not that great of an idea for a fishing report. The world wide web casts a large net.
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Re: Naming stream names?

Post by Randy »

You're right, I have been fairly relaxed on this. Considering stream conditions (or updates/reports on H.I. projects) and the kind of year we've had, I don't really mind the mentions. Stream names should be avoided on fishing reports, in my opinion. Open to conversation on this though and everyone's thoughts.

Along the lines of the board in general... there's still some work to do to make it so people can register again. With the new update, a registration filter was removed that I need to figure out how to re-add. Right now the board is just shy of 10,000 registration attempts I have not approved, and 99.99% of those are rus-sian bots. No joke.

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Re: Naming stream names?

Post by TFO5wt »

S.T.Fanatic wrote:
Fri Jul 26, 2019 7:10 am
Not that great of an idea for a fishing report. The world wide web casts a large net.
It does. I like the north/south of 90. With that said, I doubt it would make that much of a difference as far as how busy a stream gets. There are so many anglers who don’t venture far from the access points. All the internet reports, blogs, and social media posts can’t beat putting miles on wading boots.
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Re: Naming stream names?

Post by brntrout »

I agree naming streams as far as talking how great fishing is or was on a certain stream is not a good idea. On the other hand streams conditions reports are not about fishing but water clarity.

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