2019 Trips

General trout, fishing, conservation, or anything outdoors related discussion. Trip reports and stream conditions welcome, but please do not name streams.
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2019 Trips

Post by TFO5wt »

Does anyone have fishing trips planned for 2019?

A buddy and I are going to gamble a bit with the snow pack and runoff and head to the Missoula area for a week towards the end of April. If it works out we should hit some great hatches and streamer fishing. If the melt starts, we will have head over to the Mo' (oh no). Never been out west that early but no worries of fires and hoot owl restrictions that have become so common these days.
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Post by mcktrout »

I hit an epic midge hatch on the Bighorn in April. Hot 80+ degree day. The surface and everything else was literally covered by midges. The trout were only hitting clusters bigger than 1" in diameter.

You could not see a single fly among so many naturals on the water and the trout weren't interested in single flies anyway.

I tied Griffith's gnat pattern on #12 - 4x streamer hooks to imitate a cluster of 6 midges together and caught big fish until I couldn't lift my arm to cast anymore.

An epic hatch and an epic day!

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Post by Troutchaser »

:D Planning a lot of trips to Northeast Iowa, once past the visiting family and Christmas stuff. Probably Southwest Wisconsin too. :D

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Post by HubieGreen »

+1 on mcktrout's suggestion of the Bighorn in April. I've been there several times in April and besides midges you may also encounter a good BWO hatch. I had a couple great days on the Bighorn fishing #16-18 PT nymph in April.

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Post by WhiteGlovedHowdy »

Red Lake in a few days here. Don't anticipate much for hatches, just Canadian radio, and the festive holiday sound of rattle reels. Ho ho ho.

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Post by High Stick »

A week in Wyoming in August.

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Re: 2019 Trips

Post by Wendy Berrell »

Hopefully Columbia River in May
Lake Michigan June
BWCA August (has always been Sept but kids' sports/school now dictate August)

Main thing I need to do is catch some trout. All these extensions of the deer season have kept me off the streams.

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Re: 2019 Trips

Post by S.T.Fanatic »

Minnesota Driftless every chance I get.
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