Trico Hatch

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Trico Hatch

Post by brntrout »

Anyone run into a good Trico hatch yet?

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Re: Trico Hatch

Post by trouts »

I fished a good hatch about 2 weeks ago in SE MN. Plenty of Tricos to get fish looking up. They have been going good up here near the cities for about a month now. Hatches up here started picking up in numbers and consistency in bringing up fish just after the 4 of July.

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Post by WhiteGlovedHowdy »

Fished trico's the past couple days in Iowa. Decent numbers of bugs. Fish seemed to be on them. Private water and really public water. No people either. We were the only people in the camp grounds. Drinking coffee in the morning watched a coyote pee on the tire of my car, totally unaware I was there until I moved then he bolted!

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I ran into a go hatch south of 90 (not Iowa) in mid July. Haven't been on the water that early lately to go after them. I do run into decent trico hatches in September, especially mid to late morning on a few specific streams - typically once we start getting cool, early fall evenings.

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Post by mjewen »

I fished South of I90 yesterday and saw some tricos hatching and plenty caught in spider webs. No fish were rising and I didn't see any spinner falls. Fished from about 930-1245. Stream was a little low and perfectly clear. I've been using The Fly Formally Known as Prince - a prince nymph with holographic tinsel wings instead of white biots with great success this summer. Various smaller flies such as Rainbow Warriors, Tungsten Surveyors or a Copper John type fly as my dropper. Lot's of flashy flies with little resemblance to natural bugs.

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Post by darklake »

mjewen wrote:The Fly Formally Known as Prince.
One of my all time favorite fly names! :D

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Re: Trico Hatch

Post by Wendy Berrell »

Any more trico notes?

I am going to do some deer hunting prep work probably on Friday and I'm thinking I will look at some good trico water early that morning like 6-9 AM.

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