Wet Wading and Summer Gear

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Wet Wading and Summer Gear

Post by winonaflyfactory »

I was asked by a few people to detail some of my thoughts on options for wet wading and summer gear that I use to stay safe and comfortable. I have laid everything I typically use in this post, if someone has a better option for burning nettles I'd love to hear it but for now this is how I gear up for the heat of the summer. I'm sure most of you guys have sorted your systems out by now but maybe this will help a few people. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

http://www.winonaflyfactory.com/wet-wad ... mmer-gear/

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Re: Wet Wading and Summer Gear

Post by jrs »

Wondering if anyone has found a solution to wet wading sock odor? I've tried wool socks as well as socks that are mainly synthetic (similar to the Simms wet wading socks) but they all seem to pick up a pretty strong odor from decaying organic material. I end up washing them almost immediately when I get home to get the stink out.

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Post by TFO5wt »

What I do to avoid nettle stings on my legs is wear a light weight baselayer under my nylon quick drying pants. Under Armour's Heat Gear is made to keep you cool in hot conditions. I picked up a pair for around $30. It adds and extra layer of protection and works quite well.
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Re: Wet Wading and Summer Gear

Post by jay92 »

On the sock front: I like the synthetics for hot weather. Last year Sierra trading had the Simms wet wading socks and the liner socks marked way down, and I grabbed a couple of each. The wading sock is a little cushier feel and works Ok, but I find the very thin liner sock to be a better choice for hot weather. It's cool, comfortable and picks up very little of the water crud, so as to limit the schtink. Both are tall over the calf styles. They don't make the liner socks any more, but I see that OTC liner socks of other brands are available on outdoor sites. For pants, I really like the railriders pants I got from a fly shop in the cities that was changing brands a number of years ago. I got them for about 45 bucks, which was half price at the time. Called the x-treme adventure pant, they have double fabric up the front of the leg to a little over the knee. They also have velcro on the ankles, which helps them stay put under waders, or seal out leeches when wet wading. They have another flavor called the bushwacker, that is more re-inforced in the seat and ankles, but has a regular bottom to the leg. They are both $99.00. A little spendy, but if I ever wear these out, I will cough up the C-note. I've been beating the snot out of this pair for at least 6 years, and they are not showing significant wear. I use patagonia ultralights for boots and love them. FWIW, I tried on a pair of the Simms boots with the built in neoprene collar that they market for wet wading, and was underwhelmed. For me, they weren't nearly as comfortable as I thought they would be. YMMV.

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Post by S.T.Fanatic »

I never noticed the sock smell. Then again with six people living in the house laundry is a daily event.
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Post by WhiteGlovedHowdy »

Bought a pair of Korkers wading shoes. Obviously these shoes were not sized to fit over neoprene waders because they were Waaaaaay too tight. They are perfect to wear with two pairs of socks however, Then I wear shorts. Then I just fish pastures.

Many things seem to work when the pants are dry, but walking through nettles with wet pants always made me wish I hadn't done it. If I walk through nettles I wear waders. I wash the socks when I get home. The undersized Korkers (the worst wading shoes in the history of humankind) work suitably in this application with someone that has low standards. Good suggestions here though makes me rethink options.

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Post by TaG »

I seriously hate nettles and do a lot of bushwhacking when I fish so.........I always wear my waders. I wear shorts under my waders and it isn’t too bad even on the hottest of days. I have tried several different pants and the best I have found are the old army surplus jungle fatigue pants. But even those are not completely nettle proof

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Post by High Stick »

I wear an old pair of heavy six pocket bow hunting pants with shorts underneath. I have zero issues with nettles.

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Post by S.T.Fanatic »

Just want to say that I wore a tight pair of warm weather baselayer pants under a pair of jeans last night. I was walking through thick nettles the entire time with zero issue. I wish I would have thought of this years ago so thanks for posting that. In the past I would just have to deal with the burning for a couple of hours. Not the end of the world but this will be my go to now.
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Post by swandog »

For anyone looking for a hydration unit try the GRAYL. Simply put they are unbelievable and easy to use with only a coffee type press it will filter out 99.9% of everything and good for 300 uses or 150 liters on one filter and weigh 10.9 oz. Extra filters are $24 per

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