New Spinning Rod Advice

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New Spinning Rod Advice

Post by Cutthroat »

Most of my stream trout fishing is with a fly rod, but I do occasionally use spinning gear. Last summer I broke my ancient spinning rod while fishing an alpine lake in Wyoming. I am looking to replace it. Any recommendations?

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Post by FlyFisherJoe »

How much are you looking to spend?

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Post by Blackdog1101 »

I’ve git a St. Croix panfish rod I use for bluegills and crappies, I think it would be great for trout too.

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Post by shebs »

I don't think you can beat an ugly stik. 4 years of hardcore bushwacking on mine and it's still rocking.
I use a 6' L, the 5' UL also works great and will handle anything you'll find in MN short of a steelhead.

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Post by S.T.Fanatic »

Coming from a fly fishing background you would more than likely be happy with the suggested Light action rod. I prefer a medium weight but I bet it would feel like a broomstick to you.
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Post by darklake »

I've put a spinning reel on a short fly rod and that has worked. If you've got a 7 to 8 footer lying around I'd give that a try.

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Post by kketchmark »

Here is what I bought.
Light Power / Fast Action Spinning Rod
Line: 2-6 pound test Lure: 1/16 to 1/4 ounce
This one-piece LIGHT POWER, FAST ACTION spinning rod is designed specifically for stream trout and crappie/panfishing. This mutli-purpose rod excels at spinner and live bait fishing for trout as well as slip bobbering, jigging plastics or live bait rigging for crappies. A soft tip ensures hook sets on the soft mouths of crappies, yet it is sensitive and response enough for fast-slashing stream trout.

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Re: New Spinning Rod Advice

Post by Cutthroat »

Thanks for the input, folks. I spend a lot of time in gnarly places, so the Ugly Stick might be the way to go. I have a couple of heavy duty ones that I have used for many years on lake trout up to 15 pounds in the canoe country, but didn't realize they make light-action models...

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