General trout, fishing, conservation, or anything outdoors related discussion. Trip reports and stream conditions welcome, but please do not name streams.
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Against my better judgement drove down to fish today. Fished a small stream on the western edge of the driftless. It was not high and a bit muddy. I was surprised at the relative good condition. Caught five trout fishing nymphs. On several spots along the stream, one could see springs bubbling up through the gravel. Never witnessed them on this stream, Perhaps because of thick vegetation when I usually fish it. Very small watershed, so not much to drain. Turned into a pleasant spring day.

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Glad you got out! I waffled about giving it a try, but will wait until next weekend.

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Re: 4/22/18

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Wondering if there are any other weekend stream condition reports?

I'm planning to fish tomorrow with some other guys. Given the group, a small stream isnt usually ideal. So wondering if larger streams north or south of I-90 might be fishable tomorrow? I've checked the NOAA stream gages and they don't look real good.

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I drove by a few streams again today. Mill Creek might be fish-able tomorrow as it was starting to clear pretty fast on its upper end. Trout Run might also be fish-able on the upper end. Trout Run was fish-able by Bucksnort Dam but barely, it was much clearer upstream towards Troy. I would guess by tomorrow it should be fish-able with water clarity in the 2 -3 foot range especially on the upper end.

I also drove by Lynch & Rice Creeks, both were not fish-able.

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