Bitten By The Home Waters Bug

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Bitten By The Home Waters Bug

Post by brntrout »

This is kind of a funny question, I wonder how many anglers are afflicted by the Home Waters Bug? Here's the scenario, I've always wondered how many anglers know one stream so well (home waters)they have a hard time leaving it to try other streams simply because they know on their stream a certain hatch is going to happen at anytime based on their years of fishing experience on that one stream? Of course, that justifies their reasoning for not trying a different stream because they might miss the hatch on THEIR STREAM and the other streams might NOT have the hatch happening that day? Has that happened to you before?

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Post by swandog »

Sounds like you might Tom :), I have my favorites but I like to move around and see what is going to happen. My pleasure comes from the surprise that occurs and having to adapt to that change.
That's why I almost always carry 2 rods with me so I can go from dry, dry/dropper small nymphs on one and streamer and large stuff on another because you just never know.

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Post by Blackdog1101 »

I used to consider a certain small stream North of Rochester as my home waters. I fished it a lot and knew it well. But I grew a little bored with it and don’t fish it as much any longer. I get there occasionally, but prefer other streams with more challenges.

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Post by darklake »

swandog wrote:S My pleasure comes from the surprise that occurs and having to adapt to that change.
Same for me. It's the exploration and the figuring it out that's the most enjoyable; wondering what you will find around the next bend.

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Post by TaG »

You are talking about me, not necessarily one stream but probably two. I tend to have limited time to fish so go to a couple of streams close to home that I know. I do like to explore when I have time but it’s few and rar between.

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Post by TFO5wt »

I'm in the middle. I like the exploration part of it. It's what lead me to the discover of what I'd consider my homewaters, or rather home system. With that said, I still like to branch out and explore.
Simply put, people fish because it's fun

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Post by trouts »

I would say I’m somewhere in the middle. I like exploring, but also like to figure out a system as much as possible. I enjoy figuring out the differences and unique character each system has just as much as I enjoy the fishing itself. It also really depends on who I’m fishing with. My wife really likes a few stretches of water and would rather not crash through 6’ weeds for mile in the dark to hit a trico hatch. Have a few other buddies I fish with regularly who always like to explore. The fish streamers 95% of the time so we tend to cover water pretty quickly which lends to more exploring.

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Re: Bitten By The Home Waters Bug

Post by jay92 »

Really enjoy exploring new places, but will admit that i sometimes get in a rut, when a certain spot is producing well. Also probably a little impatient with a new water that doesn't live up to expectations.

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Post by S.T.Fanatic »

I prefer to fish larger water. I also prefer to spend my valuable time fishing and not driving. That means that the majority of the time I fish about 4 different streams and luckily for me I dont have to drive much more than 15 min to do that. I prefer to try to fish every inch of trout holding water a stream has to offer as opposed to hitting as many different streams as I can. That can takes years depending on how much available time you have.
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Post by brntrout »

For me, I do have the Home Waters Bug. I was thinking about that just the other day, after thinking about it for awhile here's what I came up with!

1. There is probably only about a handful streams I haven't fished in SE MN, so the exploring adventure bug thing is pretty much taken care of.
2. We've done trout habitat work on 44 different sections of 12 different trout streams in SE MN, most of the work was done to improve alright fisheries and make them into great fisheries. That means i personally know exactly what the trout habitat is like on all those streams and reaches.
3. I always get the latest DNR electro-fishing data each year collected from their spring and fall assessment stations, that means I have very good understanding what trout populations are like on lots of different streams and reaches on a yearly bases.
4. We walk different stream reaches each year to put together bids for upcoming trout projects, and by doing so, we learn even more information about those streams and reaches as well.
5 In total after this years "trout habitat" work we /Habitat Solutions will have done over 32 miles of trout stream habitat work in SE MN.

It appears the reason I'm a Home Waters person, is I know the whole area and the streams very well. I also don't see any other stream that fishes any better than my home waters stream. On top of that, I know the exact schedule for all the invert hatches that appear on my home stream much better than the other streams. I do know the other streams pretty darn good, but not as good my home stream. I should also mention we have a cabin and have done over 5 mile of H.I. work on my home waters stream. Just call me Home Boy, I guess!

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