Winnebago Creek access

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Winnebago Creek access

Post by BlueriverBill » Sat May 12, 2018 10:10 am

SE MN trout map 3 shows an easement running along Winnebago Creek. The map shows an easement running perpendicular to the creek that is located north of Eitzen Creek. The easement is shown going from the creek to Hwy 5. There is a dirt road in this location, but there is also a no-trespassing sign near the dirt road. Is this dirt road part of the easement? Can I drive on this dirt road?

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Re: Winnebago Creek access

Post by jrs » Sat May 12, 2018 11:48 am

There have been some easement changes are that stream since the book was published. I'd suggest checking the updated easement maps at ... ... _maps.html
Then check with the DNR Lanesboro office if it's still unclear.

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Post by TFO5wt » Sat May 12, 2018 1:40 pm

Don't let the Family Fishing No Fly Fishing signs deter you either.
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Post by Troutchaser » Sat May 12, 2018 2:21 pm

Agreeing with JRS - check with Lanesboro. And to my knowledge such "perpendicular" easements are rarely drive-upon or drive-in easements, but rather walk-in easements.

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Wendy Berrell
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Re: Winnebago Creek access

Post by Wendy Berrell » Mon May 14, 2018 7:19 am

I never fish down there because (1) it's so far to drive, and (2) I don't like being around people who I know will despise my presence. For better or worse I don't like it.

Last opener my kid had firearm safety field day in Eitzen, so I figured I'd take the day on Winnebago. I bonked a limit of fish in about 30 minutes and never did run into anybody, despite seeing many anglers at a distance. I had resolved to say this, should anyone confront me about fly angling "I respect you and your locale and I understand how you feel about folks coming into what feels like your place and home. My goal will be to change how you think of fly anglers." And then if they continued to press or act like jerks my next plan was to say something like eff off and go die in a hole. As it happened there were no interactions with people and my guess is that they are very very infrequent, excepting maybe some long distance glares or the most popular one I've observed: revving of giant truck engines during drive by while angler is gearing up or on road shoulder.

Overall though my message agrees with TFO5wt - don't be deterred by the signs, but do be aware of them: the community put them up; they have strong feelings; we should do our best to conduct ourselves well as fly anglers; don't be like whomever was at Wunderlichs smarting off to the landowner and thus getting the gate put up. We do have "rights" but we shouldn't act entitled and elitist; that just amplifies negative perceptions and makes divides stronger.

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Post by S.T.Fanatic » Mon May 14, 2018 9:33 am

This world needs more people like you Justin.

I don't flyfish.
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Re: Winnebago Creek access

Post by brntrout » Mon May 14, 2018 10:21 am

The "Family Fishing No Fly Fishing" sign was put up back in 2004 because of the push by HTU/MTA/MNTU to get progressive/special trout regulations in place on SE MN streams to protect and increase quality spawning size trout over 12 inches. The current special trout regulations are in place mainly because of the efforts of HTU & MTA not the MN DNR, as they did not want to go through the public input process to get the changes in place. There were 5 public input meetings held throughout the SE region and one in the metro area. The only location that people did not support the proposed SE MN new trout regulation changes was the meeting held in Caledonia. The reason the sign was put in place by locals is because Winnebago Creek was proposed to have C&R only regulation with artificial lures and flies only restrictions implemented on part of "their" stream.

Later that same year "we" put together a bus tour with then MN DNR Commissioner Gene Merriam, Assistant DNR Commissioner Mark Holstan, MN DNR Fisheries Staff St Paul and invited guest Fisheries Biologist Dave Vetrano from WI DNR to tour a number of SE streams to look at MN Habitat Work and discuss SE MN Trout Management options which included NEW regulation changes and expanding winter angling options to more streams. Everything we discussed on the tour was based on the information we put together in the Tour Manuel we handed out before the bus tour started. What came out of that two day bus tour/meetings is the current special regulations we have in place today along with upgraded H.I. techniques for SE MN streams. Plus, our DNR H.I folks got to train with Dave Vetrano's WI DNR HI crew. On top of that, at Dave Vetrano's suggestion to our DNR Commissioner during the tour our H.I. guys got new heavy equipment to help them improve their H.I. work.

Most of MN DNR's current SE MN Trout Management Plan was implemented because of that Bus Tour and the effort by all involved to cooperatively work together to make our trout resources the best they can be!

Anyway, the Winnebago Creek proposed C&R regulation was later dropped. I rather doubt most of the people in that area really care if anyone fishes using fly fishing gear or not anymore. That is probably true as MN DNR has bought a number of new angling easements on Winnebago Creek recently. If they were still mad that would not have happened I'm sure.

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