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"Katz Creek and Other Stories" - Buy My Book

Post by Perry » Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:02 pm


“In the Upper Midwest the small streams run down to the big lake, or they run down to the river. The small streams run through the second growth forest, through the beaver meadows, between the farmers’ fields and through the pastures. In Katz Creek and Other Stories, the people who fish in the streams are school kids, high school athletes, young men with prospects, laborers, loggers, tradesmen, and the unemployable. Some of them fish for a meal. All of them fish because they have to. It’s not just something that they do. It’s more than that. It’s who they are.

“These are fishing stories. Some fish are caught. Some of the fish are big, and all of the fish are beautiful. The weight of the creel matters. What matters more is that these fishermen are defined by their connections to the wild places and the green and golden places where trout are found. This in turn defines their relationships with family, neighbors, the community, and strangers.”

Cover art: “The Mirror Pool” by John Koch.

Book available at Whitefish Press, at


When you’re there, look at the other titles. There are some good books on the Whitefish Press site.

If you would like one signed, send me an email or pm. I’ll send one for $20 postpaid - cash, check or PayPal. Wisconsin residents add $1 sales tax.

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