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Postby Wendy Berrell » Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:30 am

Broke a part on my old vise. I could probably find a replacement but I'm taking it as a sign to move on. The history on it is that many years ago my good friend won a 6' 3 wt St. Croix at the TU banquet. He didn't want it so I bought it for a $100. Then it turns out I couldn't bear fishing a six footer, so I traded it to Brian Stewart back when he had his fly shop in Red Wing. He gave me the vise and a free look-around his shop for some misc gear and tying materials. I think he intended for his kid to use the short St. Croix.

Anyway I'd be open to continuing the trading story. If someone has a good vise that would be a trade option let me know. I have rods, reels, gear unending it seems.

Also, away from fishing - I have this equipment I'm trying to sell. I would offer it in trade too.

Otherwise, recommendations on a good value vise would be appreciated.



For sale: sound system that was used in a workout gym/studio.
All equipment less than 3 years old. Excellent condition. Will sell individual items but prefer to sell the entire system.

Behringer MiniFBQ800 Equalizer
Purchase price $69.99

Behringer XENYX502 Mixer
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Crown XLS1000 Amp
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Postby jrs » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:16 pm

Not interested in trading mine, but I'd recommend you look for a Peak vise. I think they are the best value among the premium vises and are made in the US. Their LIRS jaw also seems to be popular with those who tie bigger flies and might be of interest to someone who ties for multiple species.

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Postby trouts » Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:47 pm

Not sure what vise you had, but I will make a few suggestions.

First is if you think you need or prefer a rotary vise. Most don’t use the rotary function, but find it easier to tie on and view the underside of the hook.

Next is the style of the jaws. Do you prefer the cam/collet style or the lever type such as a regal? Both get the job done equally well.

Honestly all the major vise companies make a good product. I have tied on most of the major brands and have friends that have all sorts of vises. It really comes down to a few details and personal preferences. I have a Regal revolution with the stainless jaws and really like it. The regal style vises are what I personally like, but all we really need is a vise that securely holds the hook. If you have the opportunity go to a local tying event and ask some of the tyers if you can try out their vise.

For a value vise the Griffin superior 2a with the fine point jaws is hard to beat. Great for small flies and will hold all but the bigger streamer hooks just fine.
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Postby teach » Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:52 pm

I have the Renzetti Traveler and like it - it's a touch more expensive than the Peak, but has many of the same features and is also made in the U.S. I found that there was more room behind the fly on the Renzetti when I saw/studied/researched the two, but those that have the Peak seem to like it. Had my budget been a little bigger I probably would have gone with a standard Regal. I like the idea of the simplicity of the jaws (no adjustments for various hook sizes) - and find that I very rarely use the rotary aspect of the Renzetti. As stated above, you probably can't go wrong with the major brands. Let us know what you decide - good luck!
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Postby Wendy Berrell » Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:06 am

Thank you all for great notes. I will study them closely. I'm still working to address issue.
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Postby Wendy Berrell » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:13 am

Still don't have a new vise. But a good note is that Griffen sent me a replacement part for my current vise, no questions asked and no fee of any sort of S&H. Pretty solid customer service.
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