SHORT - Fly Tying Video's

Information and tips for tyers, as well as information on hatches.
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SHORT - Fly Tying Video's

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For those interested here is a large selection of tying video's from Dakota Angler and Outfitter for a lot of different fly patterns.

Dakota Angler and Outfitter is an excellent fly shop for just about any kind of fly fishing gear you can think of and their selection, prices and service is top notch! They have super fast delivery as well, usually with regular delivery I get my order in 3 days most of the time

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Re: SHORT - Fly Tying Video's

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I noticed you emphasized SHORT. Overly long fly ting videos is one of my pet peeves. Those 10 or 15 min videos where the guy talks for several minutes before he even puts a hook in the vice are a turnoff for me. I actually prefer "Step By Step" descriptions with photos so I can quickly skim through the parts that I already know and just focus on the details of the new / unique part. In fact, if there's nothing new / unique about the tying method, a recipe with materials and picture is fine.

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Re: SHORT - Fly Tying Video's

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I was in their shop in Rapid City last year - a decent, respectable establishment, too.

Good link! Thanks!

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Re: SHORT - Fly Tying Video's

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I have been in the shop several times over the years and ordered online countless times. Very nice guys running the shop and great service. If I can't find it in one of the local shops here they are one of the first places I go.

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