Spring Caddis Info/Reference Photos

Information and tips for tyers, as well as information on hatches.
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Spring Caddis Info/Reference Photos

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So like with the BWO's I have compiled as much information as I could keeping it concise and as accurate as possible, thank you Tom for your assistance with the information posted here. I am listing this as "spring caddis" as opposed to the grey caddis simply because it has become apparent that we are all seeing caddis at similar times but may be confused as to exactly what hatch we are seeing or more likely that we are seeing multiple hatches at the same time. If you have any additional information or take issue with what I have posted please let me know so I can update the reference page as I see fit.


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Re: Spring Caddis Info/Reference Photos

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Nice job as usual! This information should help many anglers understand their spring caddis dry fly fishing opportunities better !

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