Mop Flies?

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Mop Flies?

Post by Blackdog1101 »

I keep reading about Mop Flies. Has anyone tried fishing them? They don’t seem to imitate anything I know if, yet are supposed to be the hot ticket. Have you tried them?Image

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Re: Mop Flies?

Post by jrs »

I've tied and fished them. They aren't a miracle or magic fly IMO, but they work reasonably well as a general attractor nymph (usually with something more natural, hatch specific trailed behind).

In the cream / tan color, they look a bit like a crane fly -- which are somewhat under-appreciated. But not sure about the blue, orange, and chartreuse ones.

They are quick and easy to tie and cheap if you get some material at your dollar store.

Seem like they might be good pan fish flies too.

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Post by S.T.Fanatic »

Hatchery pellet larva?
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Post by Wendy Berrell »

When the mop piece saturates, it makes for a really nice sink rate when tied on a lighter hook and smaller DB eyes. This has become a go-to pattern in carp fishing. Especially fish that are stationary or "sleeping" - you can sink it tantalizingly on their faces; they eat it really well. And it's literally a 1-2 minute tie.

Have not tried for trout. Agree re cranefly possibility though.

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