Yellow caddis pupa

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Yellow caddis pupa

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Been using this fly when yellow bugs are about, May to August. Occasionally as an anchor fly in other seasons. Gets down quick, and has been a very productive attractor. The abdomen is holographic yellow tinsel, with two covering choices: Yellow tubing, or vinyl rib, or a dubbing brush with yellow hairs eat and chopped CDC fibers. Any soft tackle like grouse, cartridge or turkey can be used as legs. The thorax is olive brown ice dub folded in a CDC feather and inserted in a split thread. Horns can be added or left off. They look cool, but aren't very durable. It makes for a buggy mess that looks very convincing when wet. The models included (one of each abdomen style) are weighted with a tungsten bead. It can also be tied unweighted to flutter above a different anchor.

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Re: Yellow caddis pupa

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I dig it! This thing looks so good I’m considering eating it.

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