2016 Fly Swap Recipes

Information and tips for tyers, as well as information on hatches.
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Re: 2016 Fly Swap Recipes

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TFO5wt wrote:
brntrout wrote:Recipe for the KP SLAMMER Nymph


The KP SLAMMER pattern is one i have been tying for over 15 years.The fly is similar to the Lightning Bug but its slightly different and i was tying this pattern before the Lightning Bug pattern came out. I call the pattern the KP SLAMMER because it uses pearl Krystal Flash and Peacock herl as its main materials which IMO, have super fish attraction qualities. A lot of the time trout really Slam this fly so that is how this pattern got it's name.

For me it works best when tied in sizes 14 to 18 and fished when SE MN hatches are at their best. I mostly fish this pattern deep which requires weight on your tippet. It really works super well using the Leisering Lift when different mayfly species are emerging heavily.

Hook: TMC 3769 sizes 14 to 18
Thread: Black 8/0 or 6/0
Tails: 3 or 4 strands pearl Krystal Flash
Abdomen: 3 or 4 strands pearl Krystal Flash
Wingcase: A dozen or so strands pearl Krystal Flash
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Legs: 2 turns of brown hen hackle.

Tying instructions:

1.Place hook in vise.
2.Wrap black thread to bend of hook.
3. Tie in 3 or 4 strands of pearl Krystal Flash for the tails. The tail length is about 60% of hook shank length. then wrap thread about two thirds the way up the hook shank, tie off.
4. Use the same 3 or 4 strands of pearl Krystal Flash to form the abdomen area. The abdomen area should be approx.two thirds of the hook shank length. Once you wrap the pearl Krystal Flash two thirds up the hook shank tie off.
5.Tie in and secure about a dozen or so pearl Krystal Flash strands to be used as the wing case and tie off.
6.Tie in one brown hen hackle to be used for legs. The hackle should be approx.1 to 2 hook gaps in length.
7.Tie in a couple peacock herl strands and wrap forward to form the thorax area and tie off. Make sure you leave room for the thread head.
8.Wrap the brown hen hackle forward 2 turns over the thorax area and tie off.
9.Pull the pearl Krystal Flash strands used for the wingcase over the thorax area and tie off.
10 Then finish off the head area and your done.

Note: I'm sure this pattern could be tied in many different colors by simply changing the Krystal Flash color and possibility the thread and hackle colors. I've noticed trout at times are all over this pattern when nothing else works and at other times not quite as much. It can be a worthwhile fly to have in your arsenal.

So, tie up a few and try them out, you got nothing to lose except catching more trout when used at the right time.
I'm starting on refilling my boxes for next year. Is the krystal flash abdomen durable enough to not need a fine wire rib? I ask because I have a baetis nymph that use kf for the abdomen and the last couple years a wire rib has made all the difference in it holding up for multiple fish.
I've found k-flash to be surprisingly tough. I've used Ross Mueller's 1 Biot nymph (which has a k-flash abdomen) for several years without any particular problems. Of course, a wire rib, cement, and/or uv coating might add some durability.

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I haven't had much problems with the KF either but a mono or wire ribbing wouldn't be a bad thing if your have problems with kf coming unraveled. If you do use ribbing reverse wind it on, it will work much better as far as improving durability.

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I'm going to try a version of this for the gray caddis hatch. Green KF and black hen hackle on an emerger hook.
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Who tied up the gray compradun for the swap? I think you did two sizes and included both for each participant. That fly was absolutely on fire yesterday. Thanks again.

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